Publish date20 Aug 2022 - 16:42
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Iraqi cleric condemns Israeli regime behind division in Muslim world

Iraqi Sunni cleric has censured Israeli regime as the reason behind division in the Islamic nation hailing the resistance groups for efforts to stem Tel Aviv regime.
Iraqi cleric condemns Israeli regime behind division in Muslim world
Sheikh Abdul-Amir al-Kilani, prominent cultural and religious figure in an interview with Iran’s IQNA news agency slammed Tel Aviv regime for beginning intrigues against the world of Islam by efforts to dominate the world, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Hostility of Zionists against followers of other religions, their domination on other governments, defending other dictator regimes to achieve their objectives were all factors that divided Muslims.”
Iraqi Sunni cleric warned against infiltration of Zionist intelligence among religious, athletic and military organizations in the Islamic countries and said,” Zionists are in pursuit of dominating media, schools, universities and also economic system across the globe.”
Sheikh al-Kilani noted,” Israeli regime has a hand in the economic crisis across the globe and makes use of the US to bring the opposite countries to their knees, win their approval and admitting normalization of relations with Tel Aviv.”
Prayer leader of Shaker al-Oboud Mosque in the capital Baghdad named Zionists a threat for the nations and their civilization and a challenge for the entire world.
Top Iraqi scholar highlighted popular resistance as sole way for liberation of Palestine and called upon the entire nation to join the campaign for liberation of the occupied lands.
The Sunni cleric quoted verses from holy Qur’an and underlined importance of Islamic unity against Zionist enemies and counted more attention on Islamic commonalities and maintaining the principles of Islam as the keys for materialization of solidarity in the world of Islam.
Sheikh al-Kilani warned against disagreement as reason behind division in the world of Islam and said,” We do not think that Muslims should reach consensus on every single issue but to maintain respect despite different ideas is what matters the most.”
He expressed regret that Muslims oppose each other on very minor issues and have lost their unity over very unimportant issues to the point that enemies have easily dominated them.
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