Publish date13 Apr 2023 - 14:00
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Anti-Zionist activist in London:

"A strong international alliance needed to defeat Israel"

An anti-Zionist activist in London expressed that as Israel is a violent state fully supported by the United State, so only a very strong international alliance could lead to its defeat, like in the case of South Africa.
"A strong international alliance needed to defeat Israel"
A Professorial Research Associate at SOAS, University of London, in an interview with Taghrib News Agency (TNA), said that “Israel is a violent, aggressive settler-colonial state occupying the Palestinian land since 1967”.
Haim Bresheeth pointed out that Israel ratchets up the pressure on Palestinians as part of the long-term plan of expelling them from their country; although this is not likely to succeed, it is making life in Palestine quite insufferable.
Noting that Palestinian youth are trying to defend their land, he said that have not got “enough force to get Israel out or to defeat it. Israel is supported by the world's powerful states - the US - and many other nations in the west.”

“To defeat Zionism, we need a strong international alliance of the kind which defeated South Africa, with a very strict BDS regime (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) applied by all nations”, Professor Bresheeth added.

Referring to participation of Christian or Jewish anti-Zionist groups in international Quds Day activities, he said: “all support by such groups is very welcome, but it is not enough.”

“The official churches, like the Church of England, or the Vatican, fully support the Israeli atrocities by staying silent about them. We must get many more millions around the world to support BDS”, he said.

This anti-Zionist activist also pointed to the silence of the international community and international institutes and said: “international community is not one body. The west supports Israel out of fear of the US, the strongest army and economy in the world. This may soon change with China the US as the dominant power.”

Referring to the recent rallies in Israel, he said: “This incident weakens Israel's economy  and its position in the west and may lead, if continued in the same direction, for a weakening of US support.”

He reiterated that it may be possible for Palestinians to rise against Israel like they did in 2000 and concluded that “only a strong anti-apartheid movement in the rest of the world can force sanctions on Israel, and there is no sign of that yet”. He expressed hope that it may be possible in the near future.
Professor Haim Bresheeth is a filmmaker, photographer and a film studies scholar, retired from the University of East London, where he worked since since early 2002. He now teaches at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).
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