Publish date26 Nov 2023 - 13:23
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“Islamic countries should sever all ties with Israeli regime”, Iranian MP

An Iranian Member of Parliament described the Israeli regime to be in the losers’ state in front of the resistance and said Tel Aviv is following its habit of child killing.
“Islamic countries should sever all ties with Israeli regime”, Iranian MP
Jafar Qaderi, representative of the people in Shiraz in the Parliament, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said abusing and killing of Palestinian children and women is part of the Israeli regime’s nature expressing regret that there is no preventive measure for the crimes committed by Tel Aviv forces.
He said,” The pompous Israeli regime, claimant of being the world’s superpower, has failed in front of the Palestinian fighters; therefore, it began to massacre Palestinian children and women.”
According to the Iranian MP Israeli regime, in massive killing of children and women, intends to force the Palestinian people to leave their ancestral land and added,” The Palestinians are vigilantly maintaining their resistance and will never surrender to the ambitions of the illegal Israeli regime.”
Jafar Qaderi praised as “complicated” the operation al-Aqsa Storm that inflicted a heavy blow to security of Israeli regime and said,” Al-Aqsa Storm proved that the Israeli regime has not only lost its former dominance over the Palestinian borders but also lost power to bully others as it did before.”
He referred to inadequate reaction from the Islamic countries to the recent retaliatory attacks by Palestinian fighters and quoted the Leader Ayatollah Khamenei calling on the Islamic countries to sever all ties with the Israeli regime.
Iranian MP expressed regret that some Islamic countries supply the Israeli regime with in face of its economic and facilities shortcomings.
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