Publish date24 Feb 2024 - 12:33
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Iraqi journalist:

Western media empire defeated in Gaza’s war of narratives

An Iraqi journalist said the western media empire, led by the US and extremist Jews, intend to cover the truth going on in Palestine though the Gaza war led to a victory for the resistance media in this war of the narratives.
Western media empire defeated in Gaza’s war of narratives
Mohammad al-Sheikh, from Iraq’s Al Etejah TV, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) conducted on the sideline of the 24th Iran Media Expo, said the western media empire had pictured Palestinians as alleged terrorists who have risen against the Israeli regime, though the media revolution on social media has revealed the true face of the Zionist Israeli regime leading to global pro-Palestine rallies.
He said,” The awakening that has occurred due to the operation al-Aqsa Storm is not only a victory for the Palestinians but also for all freedom seekers across the globe.”
He stressed that the operation al-Aqsa Flood has brought about not an Islamic but a global human awakening as the people across the globe have risen against Israeli regime and its crimes in support of the Palestinian people.
The Iraqi journalist noted that the Israeli regime is isolated and had it not been for the direct supports by the US, western countries and some Arab rulers, the regime would have been defeated in the early days of the operation al-Aqsa Flood.
He said,” The voice of truth will never be silenced as the resistance axis and its media revealed the true oppressors and oppressed people” and added,” This could be called the victory against the western media empire in a war of narratives that led to awakening across the globe.”
Mohammad al-Sheikh hailed the 24th Iran Media Expo for revealing the victory achieved in the war of narratives in Gaza.
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