Publish date22 Apr 2024 - 22:25
Story Code : 632745

UNRWA: Child killed every 10 minutes in Gaza

A child is killed in Gaza every ten minutes, UNRWA’s media adviser, Adnan Abu Hasna, said in an interview yesterday.
UNRWA: Child killed every 10 minutes in Gaza
Abu Hasna noted that the Palestinian city of Rafah, where 2.2 million citizens now live, originally accommodates 150,000, saying that “the Gaza Strip is experiencing critical days in light of the Israeli statements about launching a military operation.”
He denied that there was a place to move this large number of people to in any area, noting that the occupation prevents residents from moving to the north. It also prevents UNRWA from entering the north of the Gaza Strip despite the fact that the rest of the international organisations that brought aid used UNRWA equipment and warehouses.
Only one third of the number of trucks that entered Gaza before the war are entering the Strip now, he said, noting that the occupation prevents the delivery of aid to those who need it, and has caused a major collapse in health and psychological conditions and exacerbated food insecurity rates.
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