Publish date2 Aug 2020 - 12:34
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President Aoun slams recent Israeli assault on southern Lebanon

Lebanese President Michael Aoun has slammed the recent Israeli aggression against the Arab country as violation of a 2006 UNSC resolution stressing that his country is ready to defend itself against Israeli atrocities.
President Aoun slams recent Israeli assault on southern Lebanon
“We are committed to defend ourselves, our land, our water, and our authority. We will not compromise on this matter,” the Lebanese president said in a televised address on Saturday.

His remarks came five days after Israeli forces fired dozens of shells into Lebanon’s Kafr Shuba town and the vicinity of the Shebaa Farms, which Tel Aviv has occupied since the 1967 Six-Day War.

Aoun also said that the Israeli attacks on the southern parts of the Arab country had once again flouted UNSC Resolution 1701, which calls for the full cessation of hostilities and the Israeli regime’s complete withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

Lebanon remains willing to abide by the resolution and settle all disputes under the UN supervision, the president said.

On July 27, the day Israel bombed Lebanon’s southern town, Beirut said it would lodge an official complaint with the UNSC.

The Israeli regime claimed that it launched the attack after an attempt by Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement to ‘infiltrate’ into the occupied territories in the Jabal Ros area, boasting that it had managed to thwart Hezbollah’s attempt.

However, the Lebanese resistance movement, which has been of significant help to Lebanon’s army in defending the country against Israeli aggression, rejected all Israeli claims.

“Everything that enemy’s media say about thwarting an infiltration from the Lebanese soil into the occupied territories is incorrect,” it said.

Hezbollah also said the regime has come up with the account to falsely claim “victory” against the resistance and try to boost the morale of its forces.

Hezbollah had vowed in the past to retaliate if any of its members were killed by Israeli forces in Syria. The resistance group fired a barrage of anti-tank missiles into the occupied territories in September last year after two of its members were martyred in an Israeli strike near Damascus.
Israel has recently increased the number of its troops near Lebanon’s border.
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