Publish date16 Aug 2022 - 17:41
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Afghanistan; security, economy advanced despite US betrayal, official says

The Spokesman of Kabul's Governor has underlined restoring security in Afghanistan is the most significant achievement of the 1-year-old Taliban government.
Afghanistan; security, economy advanced despite US betrayal, official says
Hashemi said that to prevent the youth's migration, a council of youth and a council of Ulammas (cleric scholars) were formed to encourage them to stay in their country and serve its development. 
With regard to the US policy to the Taliban and the Afghan people, the spokesman told IP that the US stole the Afghan people's money, but despite the betrayal, the Afghan economy remained active.  
He said that the Taliban did not need the US help, calling on the US to give back the Afghan nation's money. 
With the US forces escaping from Afghanistan after 20 years of invasion, the Taliban took power on August 15, 2021.
The Taliban announced that their way of ruling would be different from the previous Afghan government, but many international entities and the Afghan people themselves criticized the performance of the Taliban interim government. 
During the last year, several bloody attacks were carried out in different parts of Afghanistan, mostly in mosques. On Monday, an explosion of a bomb planted in a car in Afghanistan's Kabul injured four people
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