Publish date21 Sep 2022 - 19:21
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Iran president lambastes double standard policies as source of violating human rights

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, in his speech at the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, on Wednesday, has stated that Iran attributes double standard policies leveled by some states in the world as the source of violation of human rights.
Iran president lambastes double standard policies as source of violating human rights
Practice of justice is difficult and that is why many of the so-called advocates of justice flee from the practice of justice, he said. 
The president said that he is proud to represent a nation that inherits a big civilization and has fought against the arrest of other nations throughout the history.
“We wish for others what we like for ourselves and we do not impose on others what we do not like for ourselves,” he pointed out.
President Raisi said that if a country claims justice inside itself, but abroad, it trains all kinds of terrorists to bother nations or forces the nations to surrender by imposing various pressures, it should feel ashamed before humanity, freedom, and justice.
He considered the double standards of some governments in the field of human rights to be the most important factor in the institutionalization of human rights violations, with reference to some hue and cries about an incident that is under investigation in Iran while keeping silent in the face of the massacre of tens of innocent women during a short time in one of the Western countries.
The president also referred to Iran’s unique role in the annihilation of Daesh terrorists which only one of its crimes was enslaving Kurdish, Yazidi, and Christian women.
The Iranian president also has said that the UNGC Summit is an opportunity to elaborate on the country’s foreign policy which he said is based on dignity, wisdom, and expediency.
On the sidelines of the summit, President Raisi said that he will hold bilateral meetings with top officials of different countries, except the US.
"There is no plan for negotiations or meeting with the Americans, and we will have no meetings with them," the Iranian president said.
World leaders are set to address the 77th UNGA Summit on September 20-26 at the UN headquarters in New York.
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