Publish date19 Feb 2023 - 17:00
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English translation of “Maqtal-al-Hussein” published

One of the best books on the life and uprising of the third Shia Imam “Maqtal al-Hussein” has been translated into English.
English translation of “Maqtal-al-Hussein” published
Karbala research center has published English translation of the book “Maqtal al-Hussein” (Death of Hussein) on the uprising and martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) in two volumes, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Abdul Amir al-Qureishi, manager of Karbala research center said the first volume of the book in 282 pages explains the reasons and motivations of Imam Hussein (AS) for uprising against oppression.
He added that the second volume, in 396 pages, is on the trip by Imam Hussein (AS) to Iraq until his arrival to Karbala, his martyrdom and also trip by Hazrat Zeinab and convoy of survivors to different cities.
According to al-Qureishi the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) is a class for the entire world and message of the third Shia Imam should reach across the globe.
Imam Hussein (AS) and 72 of his companions and household members were martyred in the Battle of Karbala and uprising against the tyrant ruler of the time Yazid-ibn Muawiyah. Maqtal al-Hussein is one of the precise books on the uprising and martyrdom of the third Shia Imam.
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