Publish date14 Jul 2023 - 8:59
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Pres. Raisi Africa's opportunities should not be neglected

Iran's President upon his arrival at Mehrabad airport at the end of his African tour stressed that since the African Continent is important and it is a land of opportunities, it should not be ignored.
Pres. Raisi Africa

The president arrived in Tehran on Friday Morning after visiting Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe, and was welcomed by the first vice president at Mehrabad airport, saying that the people of the African continent are interested in having ties with the Islamic Republic, interested in the message of the Islamic Revolution and the Leader.

 The added: "Since the beginning of the Islamic revolution, Iran has established relations with many countries such as Africa, and these countries, according to the indicators of the Islamic revolution, they are anti-colonialism, and right-seeking and interested in the Iranian revolution."
Saying that relations with African countries should be strengthened, Ayatollah Raisi said: "In the past years, relations with these countries were neglected."
He considered the purpose of this trip to strengthen the depth of Strategic policy of the Islamic Republic toward the African continent and said: "These countries have abundant natural resources, reservoirs and mines, and have many fields and talents."
The second part of the president described the objectives of his trip as follows: "The second objective was to strengthen economic and trade relations. The creation of export markets for knowledge-based products was provided with this trip. Today, Iran has gained the honor of producing knowledge-based products and these products have a good market. Africa wants Iran's knowledge-based products."
The president listed the supply of raw materials as one of the other goals of his trip to the African continent and said: "On this trip, the issue of extraterritorial cultivation was followed. In Africa there is a good field for the production of basic goods. Agreement with these countries was planned so that Iran would receive basic goods in exchange for providing petrochemical materials."
According to President Raisi, scientific and technological communication was one of the other topics that was followed up during this trip, and in this field, an office was opened in all three countries to introduce technology in Iran.
President Raisi did not consider the existing connections with this continent to be sufficient and emphasized: "Kenya is the gateway to East Africa and the connection with this country strengthens many connections. Each of these three countries had a position that is important for Iran."
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