Publish date28 Nov 2023 - 15:56
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Iranian prayer leader:

Islamic unity, a key achievement of Gaza war

A prominent Iranian university professor has warned of intrigues to disperse Muslims and stressed solidarity, a key achievement made in the Gaza war.
Islamic unity, a key achievement of Gaza war
Mamusta Manouchehr Sadeqi, speaking at the fourth edition of webinars on operation al-Aqsa Flood condemned the western-backed Israeli regime for its crimes against Palestinians in Gaza amid the silence of world leaders and said the claims of civilization by modern world is nothing but a lie, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He expressed regret over the huge destruction in Gaza and displacement of its citizens and questioned the role of international bodies in the Hague and the United Nations.
The prayer leader of Rijab, in Iran’s Kermanshah province, said,” Zionism is not committed to any international or humanitarian law and tje killing of children has turned into a habit for the Israeli forces,” expressing regret that a major part of the victims in Gaza war was of children.
Iranian professor said,” Western countries have their own definition of human rights” adding that the Israeli regime should target military forces and not targeting the most brutal war on civilians.”
Mamusta Sadeqi condemned those Muslim rulers who took silence fearing western countries while other countries united in support of the Palestinians.
He hailed the massive protests held in the United States, France and the UK besides those in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and other Muslim states.
According to Mamusta Sadeqi the greatest achievement in Gaza war was solidarity warning that,” If we are not united, we would fall victim to the hostile intrigues.”
The Iranian professor expressed his views in the online meeting of the Iranian thinkers and religious figures held by World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought with the theme “Palestine, Axis of Unity in Muslim World”.
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