Publish date30 Nov 2023 - 19:23
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“Palestinians’ defend their land under self-defense law”

A group of Iranian law experts have condemned the Israeli regime over massacre of Palestinians in cold blood stressing that the defense of the Palestinians for their ancestral land is carried out under self-defense law.
“Palestinians’ defend their land under self-defense law”
The 24th meeting of “Compassionate Ummah” held by Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought was attended by international law experts on Wednesday noting that the Palestinians’ defense for their land is quite legal, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Maryam Saffaran, lawyer and activist stressed that the operation al-Aqsa Flood, staged by Palestinian resistance movement is not categorized under illegal wars.
She said,” People in Gaza are using conventional arms to defend their ancestral land following 75 years of using basic weapons in order to confront Israeli regime” and added,” What we witness today is that even the Hague is not independent as it is run by the world super powers.”
She referred to the discriminate response on Russia-Ukraine war where the super powers called for the prosecutors’ reaction while the Saudi-Yemen war and the Gaza war did not draw any reaction from the same countries.
She expressed regret over death of more than 5,000 Palestinian children in Gaza war without any reaction from the prosecutors; does that mean no prosecutor has the power to defend these oppressed people?
She added,” The international community defends the countries based on its interests” explaining that the US and European countries achieve much wealth from these wars while the killing and displacement of the people does not mean anything to them.
She concluded that the sole way for Muslims to confront such crimes and atrocities is to unite.
Samaneh Kaaftari, also international lawyer, noted that a concern for the world people is that they might be the next victim of such catastrophe when some countries find their interests in danger and wage war.
She said,” All members of the Statute of the International Court of Justice can lodge complaint against the crimes committed by Israeli regime.”
She noted that another solution in defense of the Palestinian people is the Uniting for Peace resolution. Israeli regime at first claimed that the Palestinians launched the war though according to history and several documents, Israeli regime has begun atrocities against Palestine.
She concluded,” Israeli regime is fully aware that its crimes against Gaza do not fall under legal defense though the regime intensifies its atrocities; therefore, we should use the media to promote our demands and propose our case to the international criminal court.”
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