Publish date6 Dec 2023 - 15:42
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Iranian professor:

Killing of Gaza children narrates crimes by Israeli regime

An Iranian university professor said the present situation of Palestinian children is perfect evidence on the crimes committed by Israeli regime and humanitarian catastrophe going on in the Gaza Strip.
Killing of Gaza children narrates crimes by Israeli regime
Narges Adib, professor at Farhangian University speaking at the webinar on “Role of Palestinian Women in Boosting Resistance in Gaza” referred to more than seven decades of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians calling that the inspiration behind the operation al-Aqsa Flood, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has held a series of online conferences on the operation al-Aqsa Flood launched by Hamas resistance movement into the occupied territories.
Narges Adib said,” Despite the claims made by the world arrogant powers and Tel Aviv regime, Israeli atrocities against Gaza are not counted as self-defense.”
She added,” The crimes committed by Israeli regime during the past month are among the most horrible in history as we know that the US and its allies as well as some Muslim countries have committed such horrible crimes.”
Zeinab Shariatmadaar, director of cultural institute said,” Israeli regime has witnessed the power and perseverance of the resistance; therefore, it is seeking ways to uproot the movement.”
She noted that the final days of Israeli regime have begun and the regime is desperately struggling to survive the irreparable loss it suffered during the resistance surprise attack.”
Seyyedeh Vajiheh Zahra Naqvi, advisor at Pakistan’s Suehtv, said,” Operation al-Aqsa Flood awakened the people across the globe and revealed the true face of Israeli regime.”
She called on the world people to condemn Israeli massacre of Gazans and boycott Israeli products as a practical measure in support of the Palestinians in the besieged territories.
Minoo Aslani, director of Women and Family Center at Imam Hussein University, in her speech at this webinar hailed the perseverance of the Palestinian women and children under Israeli bombardment
She said,” People in Gaza are the epitomes of resistance against world arrogant powers” and noted that no other incident, rather than the present bloodshed of the Gazans, could awaken the world people on the crimes by Israeli regime.
Masoumeh Jafari, director of Jame’atul Zahra in Pakistan said,” The cancerous tumor, Israel, has caused the worst catastrophe in history as it has no red line but it is not aware that its crimes are in fact reviving the issue of Palestine in the minds of world people.”
She said,” We Muslims are witness to the biggest genocide of the present era and Gaza is turning into the world’s biggest graveyard.”
Elite women and thinkers attending the sixth webinar on operation al-Aqsa Flood voiced support for the Palestinian women under Israeli onslaughts.
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