Publish date22 Feb 2024 - 16:30
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Poll reveals:

Israeli settlers believe ‘absolute victory’ in Gaza not possible for Israel

A recent poll conducted in the occupied lands reveals a majority of Israelis believe that an ‘absolute victory’ in the Gaza Strip is not likely for the regime forces.
Israeli settlers believe ‘absolute victory’ in Gaza not possible for Israel
The so-called "Israel Democracy Institute" think tank published the results of the survey, which it had conducted of 612 respondents from across the occupied territories, on Sunday.

Some 55.3 percent of the participants said there was a "fairly low" or "very low likelihood" of such an outcome. Just over six percent said they were undecided.

Only 38.3 percent of those polled believed there was a "very high" or "fairly high" likelihood of an "absolute victory" at the end of the war, which the regime has vowed to realize.

The regime has been waging the military campaign since October 7, 2023 in response to al-Aqsa Storm, a surprise operation staged by Gaza's resistance groups against the occupied territories. It has simultaneously been employing an all-out siege against the coastal sliver, preventing the flow of water, food, electricity, and medical supplies into the territory.

So far, the war has killed more than 29,100 people, mostly women and children, and injured about 70,000 others.

Tel Aviv has, however, stopped short of realizing the main objectives that it has been seeking to achieve by carrying out the onslaught, including ousting the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas from Gaza's rule, and forcing Gaza's population to leave the territory for neighboring Egypt.

The resistance groups have pledged to stand their ground and not stop defending the territory until the Israeli regime ceases its aggression.
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