Publish date9 Mar 2024 - 14:36
Story Code : 627672

“Gazans fallen victims to disunity in Muslim world”, cleric

A senior Iranian cleric has criticized the Islamic countries for not maintaining unity in the face of Israel’s genocidal war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
“Gazans fallen victims to disunity in Muslim world”, cleric
Hujjat-ul-Islam Javad Fatemi Nasab, manager of the Islamic center in Iran’s Kermanshah province, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said Palestinians have fallen victims to disunity in the world of Islam.
He deplored the inaction of the Islamic countries regarding Israel’s genocidal war on Palestinians in Gaza which has left more than 30,000 people dead.
The cleric said,” The silence of the Muslim world in face of the Zionist Israeli regime is not to the benefit of Muslims and as far as this inaction continues, we should not expect Gazans released from the unprecedented massacre.”
The manager of Islamic center in Kermanshah said the Gaza war should be set a scale that reveals solidarity among Islamic countries and noted,” If Muslims were united, then the Zionists and oppressing governments would not dare to commit such crimes; therefore, people in Gaza have fallen victims to lack of unity and interaction among Islamic countries.”
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