Publish date22 Apr 2024 - 9:53
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Over 200 Palestinian bodies recovered from mass grave in Khan Younis hospital

Rescuers have retrieved more than 200 Palestinian bodies, including women, children and elderly people from mass graves in Nasser Hospital yards in Khan Younis.
Over 200 Palestinian bodies recovered from mass grave in Khan Younis hospital
A number of the recovered bodies were blindfolded and handcuffed suggesting that they were killed execution style and buried in the spot.
The Gaza government media said some of the bodies were decapitated and had their skin and organs removed.
The mass graves were discovered weeks after Israeli troops ended a three-month invasion of  Khan Younis, during which ground forces repeatedly attacked Nasser hospital. 

The hospital, Gaza's second-largest was put out of service after deadly Israeli raids in February, when 10,000 people had been sheltering at the medical complex. 

The army stormed the hospital twice after weeks-long seizure of the medical complex during which 200 people were detained and hundreds of the patients and displaced people were forcibly removed.

Medical staff reported being stripped naked, beaten up and humiliated by Israeli forces as many of the staff and patients were targeted by sniper fire.

Israel claimed the hospital was housing Hamas fighters, a claim it has regularly made when attacking hospitals in Gaza. The regime never provided any credible evidence on its claim.

Earlier this month several bodies were found in al-Shifa Medical Complex which used to be Gaza’s largest hospital but left in ruins after a two-week assault by Israeli forces in late March.
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