Publish date19 Jun 2024 - 10:32
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Hamas urges for international probe into death of abducted Palestinian doctor

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas has called for an international investigation into the abduction and execution of Palestinian doctor under so-called ‘interrogation’ in Israeli regime jail.
Hamas urges for international probe into death of abducted Palestinian doctor
Iyad Rantisi, the 53-year-old physician was abducted in mid-November while trying to get away from bombings in northern Gaza, according to the Israeli media.

Rantisi was declared dead six days later at Shikma Prison, which is home to a Shin Bet interrogation center.

The news of his death however was censored when an Israeli court issued a six-month gag order prohibiting the publication of all the details of the case.

The Government Media Office in Gaza said in a statement on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation's execution of Dr. Rantisi “inside prisons is a horrific crime requiring international investigation.”

“We demand the release of 310 medical personnel who are being tortured,” it added.  

The statement said Dr. Rantisi was head of the obstetrics department at Kamal Adwan Hospital who was killed “inside the occupation's prisons under torture. He was arrested months ago, taken to the occupation's detention cells, and then executed.”

“Initial reports about the martyr Dr. Iyad Al-Rantisi indicate that the occupation executed him through a force of ‘Israeli’ jailers who subjected him to electric shocks and various forms of torture, leading to his martyrdom months ago. However, the occupation concealed his martyrdom and did not announce their brutal crime,” the statement noted.

“This crime reminds us of a previous crime where the occupation executed Dr. Al-Barsh inside prisons after subjecting him to systematic torture. It also reminds us of the occupation's execution of 499 medical personnel and the severe torture faced by 310 medical staff currently detained in the occupation's prisons, all in the context of their eradication and execution amid unprecedented and horrible international silence,” it added.
Rantisi is not the first to fall victim to this type of Israeli crime. Another Palestinian physician from Gaza, Adnan al-Bursh was also killed in Israeli custody after facing torture and abuse for 4 months.

Adnan Al-Barsh led the orthopedic surgery department at Gaza City's Shifa Hospital and was abducted in Khan Yunis in December. The father of six died four months later, on April 19, at Ofer Prison in the occupied West Bank.

More than three dozen Palestinians from Gaza held at Israel's Sde Teiman detention facility have also died, presumably under torture.

These figures do not include Palestinians from Gaza who died in prisons operated by the Israel Prison Service.
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