Publish date5 Oct 2011 - 8:25
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Lebanese MP

Resistance example to be applied in Arab states

TNA - Beirut
New "Israeli" breach of Lebanese sovereignty
Resistance example to be applied in Arab states
Lebanese Liberation and Development Parliamentary bloc member deputy Ali Khreis, speaking at a memorial service in the south of Lebanon, called for cementing ties between the resistance and the Lebanese society, adding that this relation should touch every aspect of life in the country.

He added that the resistance's example in Lebanon should be applied in the Arab region and even in the rest of the world, to confront dangers of hegemony, occupation and oppression. 

In this context, it is to note that Six Israeli warplanes violated at 10.30 am the Lebanese airspace over Rmeish village, a communique by the Lebanese Army-Guidance Directorate said on Monday.
It added that the jets left at 12.45 pm from above Alma Shaab village, after they effectuated the usual u-shaped maneuvers off the different Lebanese regions.

In regard to the situation in Syria, MP Khreis said "However, in Lebanon there is a team of Lebanese which seeks to punish the resistance just as they try to punish the people and the Syrian regime which backed the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance and all liberation movements around the world".
Source : NNA
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