Publish date4 Nov 2011 - 8:05
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Lebanese Change and Reform bloc Head

Aoun follows up situation in Bahrain

TNA - Beirut
Lebanese Change and Reform bloc Head, Deputy Michel Aoun, met Wednesday at his residence with a delegation of the Bahraini opposition presided by the resigned Deputy Hassan Sultan.
Aoun follows up situation in Bahrain
Aoun and sultan went over the revolution in Bahrain with all the horror, aggressions and violations taking place there in light of the Arab league's silence.

"Sectarianism does not exist in Bahrain. There is a despotic political minority which seeks seizing power," he said, calling on his country's authority to find a solution before it is too late.

He finally incited all countries of the Gulf and the Arab League to take a clear-cut stance and play a positive role before reaching a permanent impasse. 

In a related context, General Michel Aoun said the question about the legal status of Hizbullah's arsenal does not stand valid in an occupied country like Lebanon.

After the regular weekly meeting of the parliamentary Reform and Change bloc members under the chairmanship of BRC head, Deputy Michel Aoun, in Rabieh, the latter explained so long as a country is being occupied by another it will have the right to hold weapons and defend itself.

It was not Lebanon which attacked Israel and occupied its lands but Israel which stormed into the Lebanese house that had accordingly the right to defend and liberate itself.
"The question of war and peace is not a decision in the hand of Israel, but has been in that of Israel and the United States since the establishment of the Jewish entity in 1948 and any person ignoring this fact must return to history," Aoun said.
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