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Syria's Representative at the Arab League

Qatar plays a negative role against Syria

TNA - Beirut

10 Jan 2012 - 10:47

A Syrian official says the statements of the Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister sheikh Hamad bin Jassem reflect his country's predetermined and biased stance regarding the crisis in Syria which doesn't suit its position as the chair of the Arab Ministerial Council and the Arab Ministerial Committee

In response to in the Qatari Premier's press conference on Sunday evening following the meeting of the Arab Ministerial Committee, 
Yousef Ahmad, Syria's Permanent Representative at the Arab League and Ambassador in Cairo said that Hamad placed himself and his country in an awkward position when he tried to speak on behalf of the Syrian people despite his knowing that the greater majority of the Syrian people reject external interference in Syria's affairs and the negative and unconstructive role played by Hamad bin Jassem personally and officially on behalf of Qatar.

Ahmad elaborated that this role involves political and media escalation against Syria and coordinating stances with sides that seek to summon foreign interference in Syria's affairs even at the expense of Syrian blood, in addition to going the distance in imposing Arab economic sanctions on Syria which had a direct negative impact on the livelihood of the Syrian people on whose behalf bin Jassem was trying to speak.

He called on to the Qatari official to state who among the Syrian people gave him authorization to speak on their behalf or defend them, adding that bin Jassem should avoid making such statements and interfering in an unconstructive manner since he is no longer capable or willing to make positive stances reflecting a true Arab desire to help Syria and its people emerge from this crisis. 

In a related context, Chairman of the Friendship Association between Russia and the Arab countries, Vyacheslav Matuzov underlined that Qatar plays a negative role in the Arab League, adding "it shifted to a US media tool in the region to distort the real image in favor of one side and to interfere in Syria's domestic affairs." 

"The US wants the fall and destruction of Syria as an independent Arab state, but Russia will not allow any country to interfere in the Syrian affairs under the name of the UN Security Council," Matuzov told Russia Today TV in an interview broadcast Monday. 

The Russian political analyst said that Russia supports the internal political dialogue, adding that internationalizing the Syrian file has no meaning, but the military intervention.

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