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Israel’s military intelligence admits failure to eliminate Hamas

Endless Hamas

By: Shahrokh Saei
A document drawn up by Israel’s military intelligence showed that even if the Netanyahu regime dismantles Hamas’ organized military capabilities, the resistance group will continue to operate in Gaza.
Endless Hamas
The Israeli prime minister continues to push back against growing international pressure to end the regime’s genocidal war on the besieged Gaza Strip that began on October 7.

On Friday, Benjamin Netanyahu poured cold water on efforts aimed at establishing truce between his regime and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas. 

"Israel categorically rejects international dictates regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians," Netanyahu said. 

He added that Tel Aviv will “continue to oppose the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state”.

Netanyahu has repeatedly vowed to go ahead with the brutal onslaught in Gaza until achieving “total victory” over Hamas and destroying the resistance group. 

But his dream has so far remained elusive and is indicative of the fact that his paranoia and narcissism have grown. 

Since October 7, the Israeli military chief has generally spoken of “dismantling” rather than eliminating or eradicating Hamas.

The term used by Herzi Halevi indicates that even a protracted war will not be able to destroy Hamas. 

A document drawn up by Israel’s military intelligence showed that even if the Netanyahu regime dismantles Hamas’ organized military capabilities, the resistance group will continue to operate in Gaza, that’s according to a report by Israel’s Channel 12 aired Thursday evening.

The document, which could give Netanyahu a horrible nightmare, also states that “authentic support remains” for Hamas among Gazans.

Presently, there seems to be no end in sight to his troubles. 

A poll by the Israeli daily Maariv published on Friday suggested that only 32% of Israelis see Netanyahu as the most suitable figure for the premiership while 47% said that war minister member Benny Gantz is more suitable for the position.

Although both Netanyahu and Gantz are complicit in Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians, the study is indicative of divisions among politicians. 

Anti-Netanyahu protests are also continuing in Israel over the premier’s failure to secure the release of the remaining captives in Gaza. 

They say the Netanyahu cabinet is squandering opportunity after opportunity to do a deal with Hamas.

Foreign pressure

Israel’s Western allies including the U.S. are further exerting pressure on Netanyahu to put a halt to the Gaza war. 

In a Thursday phone call, President Joe Biden warned Netanyahu not to go ahead with his planned assault on Rafah. 

French President Emmanuel Macron, meanwhile, warned that an Israeli invasion of Rafah “could only lead to an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.”

The city in southern Gaza is packed with more than half of Gaza’s 2.3 million population who have fled there under Israeli orders in the wake of the regime’s relentless bombardment. Concerns are mounting over a potential genocide if Israel launches a ground military offensive in Rafah.  

The U.S., France and some other Western countries have previously issued warnings to Israel over the continuation of the Gaza war.

But they have taken no practical action to force Tel Aviv to end the war, which has so far claimed the lives of nearly 29,000 Palestinians in Gaza. 

Every year, the U.S. government sends nearly $4 billion in military funding to Israel. It has also provided unwavering political support for Israel since the regime launched its offensive in Gaza in October. 

The inaction of the West has emboldened the Netanyahu regime to continue the massacre of the Palestinians in the besieged territory.  

Netanyahu is under fire from Israelis over his responsibility for the deadly October 7 military operation by Hamas in southern Israel. During the Hamas attack more than 1,100 Israelis were killed and about 240 others were taken captive. 

Around 100 of the captives were released during a seven-day truce in late November in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

Currently, Netanyahu believes prolonging the war will provide him with a lifeline and help him shirk responsibility for the intelligence fiasco of his regime over failing to deter the Hamas attack.
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