Publish date3 Mar 2024 - 17:25
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Massive rallies worldwide in solidarity with the Palestinian people

Massive demonstrations and rallies took place yesterday in dozens of capitals and cities around the world in support of the Palestinian people and to condemn the ongoing Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip, so far resulting in a devastating toll of over 30,000 lives, including children and women.
In the United States, tens of thousands of activists participated in rallies across most states, condemning the ongoing Israeli war against the Palestinian people.
Responding to calls from numerous organizations, massive protests and marches were held in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Boston, Providence, Detroit, Vermont, Puerto Rico, and other cities, urging an urgent cessation of the war on the Gaza Strip.
In addition, dozens of activists organized a gathering in front of the Israeli embassy to honor the pilot Aaron Bushnell, a serviceman of the US Air Force who sacrificed himself to stop the war in Gaza. Activists lit candles under the Palestinian flag, raising banners condemning the continued Israeli massacres.
In Cuba, a mass demonstration was organized in the capital Havana solidarity with Palestine with the participation of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel. Reports said tens of thousands of Cubans, along with Palestinian and Arab students in the country, participated in the massive demonstration to show support for the Palestinian people.

Venezuela's capital, Caracas, also witnessed a massive demonstration in support of the Palestinian people and condemnation of the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza.
Meanwhile, in the British capital, London, thousands of supporters of Palestine gathered to protest the continued
British support for Israel since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza on October 7th last year.
In the United Kingdom, hundreds of people marched in Manchester, chanting, "Your profits are stained with Palestinian blood," referring to weapon companies benefiting from the genocide committed by Israel over 5 months in Gaza and 75 years of ethnic cleansing and killing in Palestine.
The Danish capital, Copenhagen, witnessed a massive march in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Participants raised Palestinian flags and signs calling for an end to the Israeli aggression in Gaza, chanting slogans calling for an end to the genocide.
In the French capital, Paris, demonstrators gathered in front of Saint-Augustin Square, condemning the Israeli war while waving Palestinian flags and shouting supportive slogans for Palestinians amidst strict security measures.
In Bern, Switzerland, supporters of Palestine gathered in white shrouds stained with blood, condemning the genocide committed by the occupation in the territory during the "International Day of Support for the Palestinian People."
Many people also gathered in the Netherlands as part of the "International Day of Support for the Palestinian People," calling for an end to the Israeli genocide in Gaza.
In Germany, a crowd marched through the streets of the capital, Berlin, waving Palestinian flags and condemning the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
Malaysia also witnessed a massive demonstration in support of the Palestinian people and condemnation of the ongoing aggression in Gaza.
Similarly, a massive demonstration took place in Tunisia under the slogan "Gaza is starving," demanding an end to the blockade and aggression, with protesters chanting, "Resistance, resistance... no compromise, no negotiation."
Additionally, a group of people gathered in front of the Journalists' Syndicate building in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in a protest in solidarity with Palestine.
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